Pluto the Dog.
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As you probably know, Pluto the dog is a lanky, mustard yellow hound mix who belongs to a mouse called Mickey.

He has been coined as a mutt, but seems to be fashioned after a pointer and a bloodhound. He has a very good tracking ability and sense of smell. Walt Disney Productions first introduced Pluto in 1930, and at the time, he was Minnie Mouse's pet dog. He has been called Pluto the Pup as well as Rover, and is considered to be a part of the group that has been coined the “Sensational Six”, which are featured in all kinds of shows and films, such as the popular "Mickey's Clubhouse" series. The Sensational Six includes Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy, and Pluto.

When Pluto was first introduced into the cartoons, he was a dog with no name who was sent out to track down the escaped convict, Mickey Mouse. The cartoon was called "The Chain Gang", and the dog who would later become Pluto was drawn by Norm Ferguson. The same dog later appeared in a cartoon called "The Picnic" and was Minnie's dog, who was then named Rover. He was liked enough that the dog switched hands again and became Mickey's pet, and was dubbed Pluto in 1931.

Although there has been speculation in the past about the "ninth planet" Pluto being named after this Disney dog, the truth is that the planet Pluto was actually named first, in 1930, whereas Pluto the dog officially got his name in 1931. No one in the Disney productions group actually seems to know why the name Pluto was chosen, although some think it could be named after the planet, since it was so new at the time. The Roman god of the underworld also has the name Pluto, not to be confused with the Greek god, Hades, and this could have given some inspiration for the name. Whatever the reason, given the popularity of the cartoon canine, it seems like it was a good pick!

Pluto has been in countless cartoons, comic strips, animated Disney movies, and had his own series. His likeness has been branded onto nearly every imaginable product, undoubtedly raking in millions in merchandising fees for Disney. There is even an expensive Swarovski crystal Pluto figurine! He is one of the characters in the Kingdom Hearts series of videogames and also has his own world in the massively multi-player online game called Disney's ToonTown. He appears in the Disney parks as a character that you can have pictures taken with and meet.

The creation of the dog Pluto was one of the big steps in animation in showing character creation, meaning that the character can be shown to have thought processes without speaking. Pluto spoke only twice in all of the animated series and comics, but has been shown to have a conscience that has a good and evil side, which talk to him and try to convince him to do what they want him to do. Pluto has a tendency to be mischievous, but always makes the decision for doing good in the end.

Pluto has many friends, and some enemies, which makes for a lot of good story-telling! He has had puppies in one of his solo cartoons called "Pluto’s Quin-Puplets", and he has had a younger brother in "Pluto’s Kid Brother". He is apparently married to "Fifi the Peke" and they had the puppies together. She is not an often featured character, but is one of Pluto’s many dog friends. Pluto loves his dog friends and his talking animal friends, although he doesn't care much for Donald Duck. He hates cats and has also had trouble with a bulldog named Butch, and those mischievous chipmunks, Chip and Dale. He has had other issues in different cartoons, due to the fact that Pluto is actually quite a jealous pup and anytime Mickey gets another pet, Pluto gets upset and has been known to start trouble!

Pluto is a cute, loyal and playful character that has been part of the Disney group for a long time. He is well known and loved by many and will likely be a famous dog for more years than we can imagine.

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