Famous Dogs: Snoopy, Part 1

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Snoopy is a beloved icon of the Charles M. Schulz comic strip, Peanuts. He is a cartoon rendering of a black and white beagle. Snoopy was based off of Schulz' childhood dog named Spike. Strangely, the real dog was not a beagle, but rather a pointer.

Mr. Schultz had originally decided on the name Sniffy, but remembered his mother saying once that if the family ever got another dog they would name it Snoopy, after the Norwegian word "Snuppa". This is apparently a Norwegian term of endearment. Now, Snoopy is one of the most commonly recognized comic strip dogs in the world.

Snoopy was bought by Charlie Brown's family in the strip as a gift for him, from the Daisy Hill puppy farm. Before that, Snoopy had appeared in the town where the gang lived and seemed to be a stray that all the characters took care of. Snoopy was just sort of this “communal dog” that participated in the fun and games with the kids. He was not identified by his name until November of 1950, nearly three months after being introduced into the Peanuts comic strip.

Snoopy was part of the Peanuts comic strips starting just two days after the first strip appeared in October of 1950. His birthday would later come to light as August 10th. Snoopy began as a regular dog who had uncanny communication abilities, and did not speak until two years after the strip was first published. It was then that he first began to become more anthropomorphic, having thought bubbles where he answered the other characters or commented on the situations. The readers became even more endeared to his character as he developed human-like characteristics.

To the children of Peanuts gang, he communicated with groans, moans, and other forms of pantomime. Funnily enough, Snoopy thought of himself as a more human character, not identifying as much with animals as with humans. He was known to think thoughts like, “I don't know any animals!”

Snoopy was a large part of the group in the strip and could do many things that humans could do. Some of these things were figments of Snoopy’s vast imagination, like flying a World War I biplane, as later immortalized in the Royal Guardsmen's album, Snoopy vs the Red Baron. However, he did play baseball and dance in the plays with all the kids.

Snoopy had a fair mixture of human and animal characteristics that progressed as the comic went on. He was obsessed with food, like most normal dogs, and loved foods like pizza and cookies. He would rather eat human food than dog food any day (wouldn't you?), but that seems to be a running trait in dogs. He also began walking on two feet like a human in 1957, and it later became very common to see it, to the point of thinking it a normal evolution of this crazy beagle. He likes to sleep and be lazy, and also has a very large fantasy life, but he is no slouch. He has tried being a writer, and also is very good at impressions.

Snoopy is one of the most developed characters in the Peanuts gang comic strips, and just may be the most well loved character, too.

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